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POSTED BY Ram Goyel ON June 17, 2012 8:59 pm COMMENTS (2)

Hi guys

For an investment horizon of 10 years, which one of these 3 would be the best for debt allocation-

1. HDFC MIP long term OR
2. HDFC Cash Management Treasury Advantage OR
3. HDFC Multiple Yield plan 2005

I already have SIPs in equity fund. Want to do an sip in one of the above


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  1. BanyanFA says:

    I am assuming that you are having Equity SIPs already for your long term investments. If you are looking out for debt component of your portfolio for long term – I would rather suggest you to go with PPF or voluntary PF. Probably you may be aware that they are government backed guaranteed tax free return options.

    If you still want to select from these three – my pick would be HDFC MIP – Long term plan.

  2. Dear Ram Goyal, if you are already investing in Eq. funds, why are you interested in Multiple Yield or MIP plan as these funds also do have a bit of Eq.?

    For pure debt part of your portfolio I w’d recommend HDFC CMTA from the funds mentioned by you.



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