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POSTED BY Kulkarni P ON December 29, 2011 2:33 pm COMMENTS (11)

Hello Everyone,

I am planning to start SIPs for 2 Mid-small cap mutual funds. I have selected IDFC Premier Equity fund as first option. Need your expert opinion about which one should be second one. I have shortlisted following funds :

1. HDFC Midcap opportunies
2. ICICI Pru Discovery

Advice for any other fund is also welcome.

Thanks in advance.

Kulkarni P

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  1. VG says:


    I wish to choose a Mid Cap fund, but need some fund which also allows investing in lump-sum, apart from SIP. So that sometimes if i have surplus cash, I can invest more than my SIP amount.

    Therefore I’m leaving out IDFC Premier Equity, since it only gives SIP option. From others, I have shortlisted:

    1) HDFC Mid Cap Opportunities
    2) ICICI Prudential Value Discovery Fund

    Please suggest which of the 2 I should choose, since they look pretty close to me.

    Other funds I’m investing in –
    1) Quantum Long Term Equity
    2) Franklin India Bluechip
    3) SBI Emerging Businesses

  2. Abhishek says:

    The SIP duration depends on your goal.. See that your Goal is atleast 5 years away for good returns in the long term.


  3. Dear Kukkarni P, you may keep SIP duration as per your own comfort level. If you feel it’s OK to have a 24 month term initially & after reviewing the performance in the 21st to 23rd month, you may continue/renew the SIP or may change SIP to a different fund based up on the review. At this starting point it is not important that for how much time your SIP duration ‘ll be? The important point is – You are starting & ‘ll remain invested though SIPs.



  4. I think don’t have a huge difference between a large-cap, mid-cap & between a multi-cap funds.Because down the line five years performance will be same. So you can select a
    diversify category fund for a long term sip.

    If you want to make a retirement corpus. Than you may take call 80% on INDEX FUND and Rest 20% in some small-cap fund. I think this is good combination for your long-term Goal.

    Prabir Sharma

  5. investngrow says:

    Hello Kulkarni,
    You can stop your SIP at any time you want irrespective of your SIP duration, you have to inform the agent/ Fund house by writing. But however if you want to redeem before 1 year (for most of the MF’s) you will be charged exit load.

  6. Kulkarni P says:

    Thanks Ashal for a quick response.

    One query from my side. What is the ideal SIP period should we mention while starting SIP. Even though my investment horizon is 10 years, should I start SIP with 2 years so that I can review the performance?

    Please suggest.


  7. Dear Kulkarni P, I ‘ll ask you to invest into following funds only.

    IPru Focussed Bluechip – concentrated (aggressive) large cap
    HDFC Top 200 – large & Midcap
    HDFC Eq. – Multicap
    IDFC Prem. Eq. – Mid & Small cap

    The above mentioned 4 funds are sufficient diversification for your portfolio. Anything more than this ‘ll only increase the crowd.



  8. Kulkarni P says:

    Hi Ashal,

    I plan to start investment in following funds:

    ICICI Pru Focused Bluechip
    DSP Blackrock Top 100
    HDFC Top 200
    HDFC Equity
    Fidelity Equity
    Canara Robeco Eq Diversified(G)
    IDFC Premier Equity (already mentioned in above comments)

    I will be starting my first Mutual Funds investments from Jan 12 onwards in SIP form. Can continue SIPs for next 10 years.


  9. Dear Kulkarni P, May I know your other funds you are investing in?



  10. Maitri Maroo says:

    Next best is ICICI Pru Discovery…

  11. TheZionView says:

    If you have choosen IDFC Premier Equity fund for MidCap why looking for a second one?
    My recommendation would be to put all money meant for Mid CaP fund in the one you have already selected.

    Too many funds of same category does almost nothing to your portfolio other than adding to you list.

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