MFs Online Investing – Better Option?

POSTED BY venshu ON October 4, 2010 1:37 pm COMMENTS (8)

Which is a better route to invest in mutual funds online – or HDFC Bank’s ISA account?

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  1. sidrana7 says:

    I just read a blog post by Subramoney and he has explored the online options.

    Hope it helps.

  2. bharat shah says:

    other such platform is ‘’ as ‘’.it claimed to be singapore basd. i have no personal experience of any. any way, now a days kyc is a must, which requires pan and residential proof,. and of course net banking fasciliated bank account .

  3. vazzy says: is indeed a great site to invest. simple and easy and they keep adding services free of cost.. good going so far………

  4. rakesh says:

    I have read good reviews about In fact they come and collect your documents form your house. Also the charges are free for now. I have been with HDFC but they charge annual maintenance. In case of offline mode you will not have to pay any maintenance charges, Bluechip investment company is good and i trade with them too. Please do your own research before opening an account.


  5. sidrana7 says:


    I second what MoneySavingsHelp has said.

    To top that I say that the private AMC’s fund houses offer wide range/variety of fund products across the market. I believe with a bank’s account you may have restricted/limited choices of funds to invest money in.

    I have an Fidelity account which gives me access to 80 fund companies with there individual products. Will this much choice be there with a bank account only?

    Good Luck.

  6. These banks are charging some amount on every transaction + some annual charges. If you’re a small investor, do all your calculations and you’ll find it’s too much.

    Now, almost all AMC’s are giving option to invest in their schemes via NetBanking. Just submit your first application physically and then apply for I-PIN / T-PIN. After that, invest via NetBanking. It’s simple.

    So, cut your expenses while investing & go for DIRECT investment.

    Hope it will help you.

    1. BLRDude says:

      Can we invest in SIP way by directly going to AMC’s? Please advise.

      1. Yes, Just visit any AMC office with your original & photocopy of your PAN card along with 1 cheque. You’ll get the application form / ECS form the office itself.

        Hope it will Help You.

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