MF review and SIP increase

POSTED BY raju ON January 18, 2012 10:24 am COMMENTS (5)

Hi All,

My MF portfolio as follows.

1.HDFC Prudence-2000:SIP Monthly
2.IDFC Premier Equity A:4000 SIP Monthly
3.ICICI Pru Dynamic :2000 SIP Monthly
4.Quantum GOLD savings fund:2000 SIP Monthly

I have Stopped SIPs 2000 monthly in each Can robeco Tax Saver and HDFC Tax Saver from this month,since I have completed my Tax exemption savings under 80C.

I want to increase my monthly investments to 15000(including in current SIPs).

Can anybody suggest ,should I increase my present MF SIP amount or to go for new MF schemes to invest.

Pls review my portfolio and advice accordingly.
Thanks in Advance

Raju .

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  1. raju says:

    Thanks Ashal,

    For your suggestion on my portfolio.


  2. Dear Raju, In my view, 4 original funds & Franklin India Bluehcip + Quantum Long Term Eq. is a fair diversification keeping in mind that you are also investing in gold. Please avoid any theme or sector to invest in. By the way, whatever theme or sector ‘ll be in limelight, your existing funds ‘ll also take exposure in that sector so you ‘ll be investing in such opportunities already.



  3. raju says:

    Ashal & Sunil,
    Thanks for your inputs.

    DMAT Gold ETFs have additional charges,I had Kotak GOLD ETF thru Demat already.But due to charges, I stopped thru DMAT.

    I would like to invest in two of the following 2K/month.

    DSPBR Top 100 Equity Reg
    Franklin India Bluechip
    Quantum Long Term Equity
    HDFC Top 200

    Can you suggest on this.

    Also,I would like to try 1k/2k in any theme funds?
    any advice?


  4. Dear Raju, Please invest 2K more in HDFC Prudence & for the remaining 3K, invest in Quantum long term Eq. fund growth option. Rest is ok with your existing funds.



  5. sunil says:

    Raju sir,

    I feel ok with all the funds, but for Gold Savings Fund. Why can’t you make a direct investment in GoldBees using your D-MAT, this will be more advantageous than Gold Fund.

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