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POSTED BY Anuj Kapila ON March 20, 2013 11:40 am COMMENTS (4)


I have been suggested the following SIP portfolio by a well known financial firm under their category of “Agressive” investor( age – 41-50, time period – greater than 10 yrs, SIP amount – 25 k):-

HDFC Midcap Opportunities – 20%

HDFC Equity – 20%

DSPBR Equity – 20 %

HDFC Balanced – 20 %

HDFC Prudence – 20 %

need help/comments/suggestions before commencing SIP/paying up.


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  1. Dear Anuj, please invest in only 2 funds. Franklin India Bluechip & Quantum Long Term Eq. fund growth option.



  2. Dear Anuj, what did stop you from naming the firm? Too many funds are offered to you. Please do a small exercise. Please check the underlying portfolio of each scheme & look for the overlapping stocks in each funds & then try to answer are you really diversified?



    1. Anuj Kapila says:

      ok. the firm is ‘ fundsindia’ for info.

  3. Are they get commissions for this? Did they ask you to invest through them?

    Too many HDFC funds!

    Franklin Indian Blue Chip,
    HDFC Equity or Top 200
    IDFC Premier Equity
    plus HDFC Balanced

    should do with separate debt component. A PPF is good if your goal is 15 financial years away

    Invest directly by opening accounts with AMC or though someone like FundsIndia

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