MF Portfolio review

POSTED BY Ramprasad ON March 21, 2013 11:09 am COMMENTS (2)


My current MF portfolio is

DSPBR Top100 Equity – 5000

Fidelity(L&T) Equity – 8000

Reliance RSF Equity- 2000

Reliance Gold Savings Fund – 3000

HDFC Top 200 Equity- 2000.

L&T equity since Fidelity takeover is not performing well. I want to stop this want to start 

ICICI Pru focussed Bluchip – 4000 and

HDFC Top 200 Direct – 4000.

Please review my portfolio and give me suggestions.




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  1. You already have one fund too many. However you could consider increasing your mid- and small cap exposure. You could go for quantum long term equity instead of Regular RSF and add IDFC premier equity

  2. Dear Ramprasad, on what basis you opted so many funds?



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