MF portfolio rejig advice ?

POSTED BY jinesh shah ON January 28, 2014 2:25 pm COMMENTS (2)

Hi Friends

Have following SIPs. Request your views as am planning to review the same.

  • HDFC to 200 –  am planning to redeem the same and invest else where
  • ICICI focused : Continue
  • UTI Opportunities : continue
  • HDFC Balanced : continue
  • SBI Dynamic bonds : rejig

can u please suggest options for the same.


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  1. arjunp3000 says:

    Hi Jinesh,

    HDFC Top 200 has beaten its benchmark index 15 out of 18 years of its existence. This is according to the latest review by Outlook Money. I would suggest that you try and hold onto it for another 6 months as the Fund Mangers claim that there has been a reshuffle in the portfolio.

    If you are skeptical that the fund would improve in the near future then I would suggest the following based on your portfolio. You currently hold 3 Large cap funds, 1 Balanced fund and 1 Long Term Debt Fund.

    If you would like to invest for a period of more than 5 years then Mid-Cap Funds are an attractive option right now. Since the valuations of Mid Cap Funds are low it is a good time to enter and stay invested for a period of 5 years or more. This would also help you diversify your portfolio. There are quite a few Mid-Cap funds that are performing well but as you require an alternative I would suggest you go for HDFC Mid Cap Opportunities Fund.

    Regarding SBI Dynamic Bonds you will have to wait for a period of 1 – 2 years to see good returns. However, if you are looking to get returns in a short span of time (6 months to 1 year) then you can choose Tempelton India Ultra Short Bond Fund. Given below is a recent review of the fund posted in the FundsIndia blog.


  2. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Jinesh, why are you redeeming from the 2 funds?



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