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POSTED BY chvvrkch ON July 24, 2011 7:35 pm COMMENTS (4)

Is there any website / online tool available to find out overlapping % of different MF portfolios…..?

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  1. chvvrkch says:

    thanks u guys,

    i also know that, but i am searching for ready results like the one…..

    but the problem is we can get the data for only those 10 funds. Are u aware of any such tools without any extra effort, we can get the overlap % just by mouse clicks…………

  2. Ramesh says:

    each fund’s portfolio is available for review. You can easily download the whole report of the fund (the snapshot) as a pdf and use it later on.
    If you do not find something there, there is which is also very good.


    There is a way you can find it out . If you want to see the overlap between fund A and B , then put the detilas of A in moneysights , then note down all the portfolio details , then put B and see the change .. there is no clear distinction or report , but hte best I know can come from


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