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Dear Manish,

Hope you are doing fine, actually i would like to clarify some of my doubts and required your help for my financial planning. Actually i m a married person age 27years my monthly salary is 60 K.  i had a LIC policy of 7 Lacs coverage for which i m paying around 35 K yearly. I understand that i require a  term plan of around 1 Crore for which i m planning and will go for it in one month time.

Now all i want 2 know that i have made sudden MF investment Via SIP….

1. Reliance Regular Saving 1500
2. HDFC Top 200 @ 3000
3. Reliance Growth Fund @ 1500
4. Birla Frontline Growth Fund @ 1000
5. Fidelity Equity Growth @ 1500.

After having all the investment and my monthly expenses i m still remaining with around 15K in my pocket for which i need ur assistance to where to invest do u have some other MF other than the one i invested and could u please suggest the way i invested in MF is right or do i need to make some changes. Other then this i invested 30000 Each in my and my wife PPF Account.

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  1. Sonia Bhatia says:

    Yes, I would continue investment till the age of 50-52 Years. Moreover i just want to share one more thing recently i have purchased 2 Term plan of 25 Lacs Each one from LIC & other from HDFC Clicktoprotect online term plan for which i m so much happy i have been wanting to do it from last 2 years but had done it a week back only… Also want to share i have invested 35K yearly for LIC Jeevan Saral with SUM Assured of 8 Lacs. I have completed given 4 Years and policy is for 25 Years. I know i m paying huge amount for a cover of 8 Lacs but what i feel is as per my portfolio i have been investing in all equity where risk is high so i pretend this LIC jeevan Saral Policy as a debt fund in my portfolio. Still i m open for the comments and suggestions on the same also want to increase my SIP to addition 8 K per month . Please suggest

  2. Dear Sonia, for your tax saving needs, the lowest lock in period product is ELSS a.k.a Tax saving funds. You may invest the amount in HDFC Tax Saver or Fidelity Tax saver.

    Regarding your requirement of generating 3 crore corpus in next 17Y or so, the mly contributions should be –

    @ 8% Growth rate – 70K Rs.

    @ 10% Growth rate – 56K Rs.

    @ 12% Growth rate – 45K Rs.

    @ 15% Growth rate – 32K Rs.

    But if you opt to prolonged your working years till at least age 50, the equation changes & the mly amount to be invested for the same interest rates as stated above ‘ll be

    14500 in that order.

    Please take your own pick from the above calculations. To me assuming 10 or 12% return for next 15-20Y is better than assuming 15%.

    I’ll wait for your reply before commenting on your choice of funds & new ones to be opted for.



  3. Sonia Bhatia says:

    HI Below is my MF Investment Please suggest am i on the right track, all my funds are 18 months old and going on. I am 28 n my tenure for investment is till 45. I want to generate 3 Crore Corpus.

    HDFC Top 200 — Sip 5000
    Reliance Regular Saving — Sip 1500
    Reliance Growth Fund– SIP 1500
    DSP Top 100- 2000
    Birla Sunlife Equity Growth- 1000
    Franklinn Prima Plus Equity -1500
    Fidlity Equity Growth- 1500

    As is now as marget is low, my MF are on negative growth of 15% on an Average. Please suggest do i need to make changes in my Fund or how much do i need to increase. I have a capacity to increase around 7-8 K more. Which i right now investing on Debt Areas like Recurring Deposit.

  4. Sonia Bhatia says:

    Dear Manish,

    Could you please suggest a good option for tax Saving which would have minimum lockin period. Becoz most of my investment is in MF around 17K per month. All i have saving of around 3000 Insurance Premium + 45000 PPF so i need to invest around 30-50 K by this month end so please suggest the best option.



  5. prabeesh says:


    If you had invested in these funds in SIP based on ur risk appetite and thoroughly investigated before starting the investment ,then why not increase the SIP amount by split the extra 15K that you have among the existing funds itself.

  6. rakesh says:


    The funds selected by you are very good and can give good returns over a long period of time.
    I have invested in most of the above funds.


  7. Ramesh Mangal says:

    Why have you selected these funds and not any other? (= this is not to say whether these are good or bad). Have you maximised your tax saving instruments?
    Your planning should include contingency funds and health + life insurances.
    You also need to understand the inherent variability of equity funds and how you will adjust according to the “market behaviour”. Also understand asset allocation – how and when. Everything should be preferably written in your financial plan statement.

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