Mediclaim tax benefits doubt — Unique scenario for me

POSTED BY SSR ON November 26, 2012 7:39 pm ONE COMMENT


I wish to avail sec-80D tax benefit. Let’s say if I pay for mediclaim policies as follows:


Policy-1: Self + Mother = 12000

Policy-2: Wife + Mother-in-Law = 12000

Policy-3: Father + Mother = 7000


As per law, Self+wife = 15K , Senior-Parents=20K can be claimed, but Mother-in-Law is not covered. In my case, can I claim as follows?

For Parents = Policy-3 + Policy-1

For Self = Policy-2

Please suggest…

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  1. In that case the PRIMARY person to be insured has to be your MOTHER i suppose . Only then you can count it in SENIOR CITIZEN QUOTA

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