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Dear Sir,

           I want to buy a health insurance plan although i am getting 100% free treetment for my family (spouse + 2 childs) by employer.

I want to ask u some questions regarding this.

1.Is it better to buy medilaim for self or for family.

2.Which is best plan and How to compare it.

3.And the points to remember while buying the same.

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  1. Dear Vijay, a personal plan is like your 2nd line of defence. Due to any reason if your first line of defence is not working (you quit the job, company stopped mediclaim…..), this personal policy ‘ll come in to help you at the time of need.

    All policies are equally good or bad. Still if you want to compare, please do compare plans of Max Bupa, Aplollo, Oriental, Bajaj.

    For better understanding & one stop service for all issues, please contact



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