Maximum Limit on Personal Accidental Death – Sum Insured

POSTED BY Kirubhakaran Sundarrajan ON July 5, 2013 7:17 pm ONE COMMENT

Hi All,

Is there any Maximum Limit on the sum insured for the general insurance product – Personal Accidental Death Insurance/ Disability Benefits.

I am aware that ther is a max. limit fixed by Insurance companies for Term cover based on Age, Annual Income, etc.. [I have taken HDFC Click2Protect for adequate sum]

Currently, I am working in Private Sector Company, which is offering 10 Lakh as sum assured for the employees.

As per the discussions in this blog, I wish to take a seperate Personal Accidental Death Insurance Policy, in case of any misfortunes, etc.

Kindly give ur thoughts…


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  1. Yes there will always be a max. This limit is fixed for everyone in acc. insurance. Not like term insurance where it depends on the person. The amt the insurer can offer as acc. insurance depends more on the job profile than the age of the person.

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