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POSTED BY Dhananjay Hanchate ON April 10, 2013 3:35 pm COMMENTS (8)

My Book Balance for loan taken for 47.3 Lacs
(on 26/02/2013) on 3
rd April 2013 is


– 45,29,695.00    This is after adding interest of March 2013,


Now 1st EMI of 55 K is deducted on 10th
April 2013


& Book Balance is




How Book Balance is increased instead of decreasing


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  1. Dear Dhananjay, in that case contact RACPC.



  2. Dear Dhananjay, please contact your loan serving branch of SBI & get the correct info from there.



    1. Dhananjay Hanchate says:

      Dear Ashal,

      No one in my loan serving branch of SBI knows details of these calculations & telling that everything may be correct…

      What i have to do..

  3. Dear Dhananjay, did you withdraw any amount in between or any amount was withdrawn for you by the bank? I’m unable to understand the thing that 2 EMIs have been paid & yet there is non change in Drawing Power? As per my understanding of the product, your DP should come down after these 2 EMIs.



    1. Dhananjay Hanchate says:

      No amount is withdrawn by me or Bank in between this period. Also i am surprised, how the Book Balance is increased instead of reducing.

      Kindly guide me? How to take up this matter with SBI HL

  4. Dhananjay Hanchate says:

    Drawing Power is same i.e. Rs. 47,37,092.00

  5. Dear Dhananjay, what was your drawing power in Feb, Mar & now?



  6. Dhananjay Hanchate says:

    Kindly read 2nd EMI on 10th April 2013

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