Max Bupa Heart Beat Policy

POSTED BY Siva ON March 4, 2013 3:43 pm COMMENTS (3)


Currently I am on my company health insurance cover and I like to discontinue that and have a personal one for my family. While searching for the products I came across Max Bupa’s Heart Beat Gold for a Couples.

Please let me know whether the policy is a good policy or not and some other options together.

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  1. shirinq says:


    Just wanted to share that I took the Max Bupa policy.

    My husband had a surgery under Daycare which was to be covered. We had a Pre-authorization from them for this. But once we submitted the claim, it was rejected stating that the medical procedure was not an Advanced medical procedure. Although mentioned nowhere in their policy document, no amount of discussion helped. Even if you tell them you will seek medical and legal advice on the subject, they urge you to go ahead. Very evident they dont care.

    So basically Max Bupa is unreliable and I have made a huge mistake taking it.

    Please do not make the same mistake friends…

    1. Thanks for sharing your views

  2. Dear Siva, You may do one more thing. Please visit some nearby hospitals in your area & ask their experience regarding claim settlement & ease of handling. Based upon the feedback, you may get a pointer where to go now?



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