Manish Chauhan’s MF Portfolio

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Hi Manish,

It is but obvious that almost everyone on this forum would like to know Manish Chauhan’s MF Portfolio. (Of course we are not interested in the monthly amount, etc) but list of MF hold by Manish Chauhan. I hope i am not being too personl on this forum. Am i ?

Chandrakant D

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  1. Couple of points :
    As i said, in my earlier comment. I liked the honest answer Manish has provided.

    Secondly, one should understand various products.Only when you understand them well you can take an decision on which one to choose. FD interest rates were at peak.
    and anybody investing in them to reap the benefits is excellent idea.

  2. BanyanFA says:

    This is one of the most interesting post I have read 🙂 for obvious reasons.

    Manish – I completely agree with you. In order to buy a real estate, you need a lot of funds and at times requiring a person to liquidate their long term funds.

    Every one’s financial situations and goals are different and hence a financial plan would be different. MFs are good options, but doesn’t mean that you must invest into it. Take for example, if you are having appropriate understanding of Equity Markets and have the technical understanding to interpret financials of Companies, you may want to invest directly into stocks.


  3. says:

    Hi All,

    I am surprised that this question of mine has fuelled this controversy. @ Manish. This was absoultely not intended. Anyone may take any decision best suited to him/her in the financial life.

    Chandrakant D

    1. thats totally ok 🙂 . It happened for good . a strong learning for every one ! 🙂 . Keep asking 🙂

  4. All – One of my friends in my professional network was a Mutual Fund manager (in the US) who made 14% annualized return (pre fees) over a 10 year period from 2001-2010, when the DowJones provided a negative return. However she had personal contraints/circumstances that restricted her own holding in Mutual funds to less than 15% of her assets or so.

    A Fund manager/financial advisor/planner need not necessarily invest in the same avenues he/she is recommending. Recommendation is based on client’s personal financial goals and cashflow. The life stage needs keep changing for everyone. Even after a financial plan is made there may be changes in one’s personal financial condition that the plan may need a significant revamp at some point.

    Agreed that it would have been heartening to this forum to hear Manish has a MF portfolio comprising of XYZ funds. Even if so the same portfolio should not be replicated blindly by everyone.

  5. Ramesh says:

    Maybe people want to ask, which funds you “WOULD” have kept for long term goals. Which, actually, in the end just comes down to what funds do you recommend. And which may not be correct for other people (as everybody has his/her own requirements and goals).

    By answering the query, you have demonstrated a rarely found honesty. Thanks and kudos to you.


  6. Also seems like this is an excellent topic to write an article now ! 🙂 .. some basics needs to be communicated to readers

    1. Gaurav says:

      I think the post could be along the lines of risk / return planning for people at different points in their lives or with different goals. Different people make different investments to achieve their goals. Somebody starting their business might put the bulk of their savings in it understanding the risks and that the return they are expecting would be a flourishing business that takes care of their retirement needs – risk is business failure. A salaried person who intends to keep a job would do it through investment in other businesses (stocks, MFs, real estate etc) – risk is market driven. A professional may put a lot of it in acquiring a new degree / skill set with the aim of better returns in terms of salary / career advancement – risk is obsolete degree that does not have the demand they expect. For each person where they put their money in should be dependent on what goal they want to achieve with it. The thought process is what is important.

      Know what you have and see what you can do with it to maximize your returns for the future understanding the risk you are taking.

  7. Come on guys ! … Think what you are saying ! ..

    You are saying that I have to compulsorily invest in MF ! .. what if I am planning to buy a house in next 6 months and I have liquidated the money for the downpayment and put in FD !

    .. Also I dont have a child as of now ! ..

    The worst mistake people can do is to assume that experts (please dont call me expert) , have some extra ordinary things, there is no reason why I personally should have my money in mutual funds at the time of asking this question , I thought this was pretty common sense 🙂 .

    I think the purpose of the question was to ask “what is your portfolio as per your current situation and your plans” – think again !


  8. Sachin says:

    WOW interesting..this is really interesting. it means whatever is discussed on this great forum is just for common man and not for special people (like Manish), Manish doesn’t have any fund for retirement, doesn’t have any fund for children education (not sure if he has any 🙂 ) putting his money in BANK FD!! which are pretty common answer on this forum (right Ashal), this is really strange. or OPINIONs are different for paid and unpaid user :).
    I am a regular reader of the forum, but seeing Manish’s reply it doesn’t look more of useful 🙁
    better join paid service 🙂

    1. Sachin

      Paid services are not going to have anyone else portfolio suggestions , If your life requires money to be put in FD’s or just cash in BANK , thats what will be suggested . People have this myth that “paid services” means “excellent funds selection” – it does not go like that 🙂

      I think now when I go back to this question and see it , I think cooked up answers make people happy and they really appreciate it , If you would have asked this question on TV , you would have got some answers which would have made you feel – “this is what I exactly wanted” , I think rather than getting what you would like to hear , a honest answer should be seeked .

      Its like asking your insurance advisor which term plan you have and he says – “I dont have one” and you conclude ! .. wow – he keeps on suggesting us a term plan and he himself does not have one! . What if he does not require one in his life ?

      Anyways – I can see that I should have given a diplomatic answer or rather should have avoided it totally 😉 .. next time


      1. Sachin says:

        I don’t to disturb you Manish..really I mean it. I just want to learn few steps in making or better say managing money, so always visiting this forum, and it served good till now. after seeing our reply was little surprised so wrote that :), anyway, yes everyone has their own priorities.

  9. Sachin says:

    I think this is too personnel to ask Manish.
    Job of financial planer is to suggest clients what is good for them in short/long term and not to FORCE them with his thought process.
    If he suggest others to invest in MF it doesn’t mean he should also invest in similar way.


  10. says:

    INteresting. I would have expected Manish to have his funds in liquid funds for short term goals rather than FD. Any reasons @Manish not to have this approach?



  11. A bit suprised…. Well lt was as honest as it could be. Trust me before opening this thread i was trying to make a wild guess on what you could be holding. On opening it was like Tain Tain Fish……

    It might be good idea if punters showcase thier interested fund and reason for the same.
    i am sure this will help many

  12. Dear Chandrakant, although your query has been answered by dear Manish already let me add – One should not mimic other’s portfolio or MF holdings. Each individual has it’s own situation & based upon that situation, one should decide which funds to invest in?



  13. Even though thats personal , the answer is that right now my money is not in mutual funds but in few short term FD’s as I need them for a short term goal 🙂 .

    Earliar my money was in some tax saving mutual funds like HDFC Tax Saver and Sundaram Taxsaver , which I withdrew some 6 months back 🙂


    1. says:


      Not too convinced with your answer. I may be little rude in saying this but, financial coach like you not having money invested in Mutual Funds for achieving atleast long term goals ( if not short term) does not go well. But yes, since that is personal question, i dont have any right in getting answer from you on this. 🙂


      We copy and learn. Right ?….Although one may not replicate the idea, but one will get the idea. 🙂

      Chandrakant D

    2. Sachin Kumar Nigam says:

      That is so bizzare! … You advice ppl for SIPs , wealth creation … even write a book explaining the magical power of compounding …and alas! May be u wud be purchasing house downpayment etc etc… but dosent the compounding factor count for yourself..!

      after this L&T takeover of Fidelity is the Mutual funds future bleak!
      whatever….. This post of yours would definately make heads turn

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