Lumpsum short term investment

POSTED BY Sunny Gandhi ON December 31, 2012 2:33 pm COMMENTS (2)

Hi team,

I have a lumpsum amount of Rs. 50,000/- which I am planning to invest for a Short term say 1-2 years. It could also be more just in case i don’t need it. I already have investments in MFs, PPF, RD and FD. Also have a term insurance for myself. Can you help me with other avenues to park this fund? I fall in the 20% tax bracket so need to consider this. I have heard about Liquid/GILT funds however I am not sure how they work? Could you please suggest?

Many thanks for all your help.



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  1. Sunny Gandhi says:

    Thanks I think I will go with Income funds…

  2. Yes debt funds would be a good idea. you could put them in liquid funds but gilt funds or income funds maybe more suitable.

    This article does a great job of answering your question:

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