lumpsum alternative to SIP

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I am in the beginning stages of learning about different types of investments. From whatever I found, I can infer the following advantages of SIP:

1. It’s not necessary to spend any time worrying about things like timing the market, diversifying a portfolio, etc., we can blindly invest, provided it’s a decently popular SIP fund.

2. It’s almost no risk for the long term (10-15 years), but still gives good returns (about 12-15%)

3. Equity SIP is tax free in India

Problem faced:

In my financial planning, there are many times where there’s a big lumpsum for 2-3 year spans at times and the account gets much smaller at all other times. I was wondering if there are other vehicles similar to SIP, which lets you invest a lumpsum and possibly get better gains later(maybe 10-15 years later), with the same advantages outlined above.  

Please correct me if I’m wrong. Thanks in advance for the help.

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  1. Dear Anon, an alternative to SIP is VIP – Variable Investment Plan. Regarding your intermittent lump sum amount, you may invest the same in your existing SIP funds if the remaining time frame justifies the lump sum injections.



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