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POSTED BY Amit ON February 27, 2013 10:01 am COMMENTS (5)


I have opted for LTA in monthly salary with tax deduction. I have following queries:

1. I have taken holiday & travelled with my family in last month. Can I claim tax refund on LTA amount while filing my income tax refund?

2. Current LTA slab is Jan 2010 to Dec 2013. I haved travelled in last month & now planning for a trip in May. So, I can claim for both my travel expenses?

Thanks in advance…

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  1. Amit says:

    Hello Friends,

    I want to claim LTA. I have flight tickets and also have bills of car used for local transfer & sightseeing.

    Can I claim both i.e. Flight + Car expenses?


  2. Amit says:

    Got it… Thanks a lot…

  3. Dear Amit, the travel done by you in FY 2013-2014, ‘ll be available for tax benefit in that FY only. So you have the option to avail tax benefit at source from your employer.



  4. Amit says:

    Thanks Ashal.

    First question clear.
    Regarding second question…
    As I am going to claim for my travel in Jan 2013 while filing ITR, can I claim LTA again for my travel in May 2013? I haven’t claim earlier since Jan 2010.

  5. Dear Amit, you mean to say you opted for encash of your LTA in your mly salary & now after being on a holiday with your family, you want to avail tax benefit. Yes it’s possible at the time of filing your ITR for FY 2012-2013 in May-June 2013.

    Yes you may claim tax free LTA in May 2013 for the block of 2010-2013.



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