Looking for insurance policy for 50000 rps/year

POSTED BY satish mane ON July 31, 2013 6:33 pm COMMENTS (3)


I m 33 years old.and i want to buy life insurance for 50000 rps./year for 5 years plan.so please suggest  me which companies plan is best for me perticular looking for bonus/life cover and medical and trusted insurance company.i want only for 5 years insurance plan .so please suggest me which plan is best and trusted for me.

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  1. Dear Satish, please pick any plan & waste your money.



  2. Nikhil Verma says:

    If your intention is to save tax there are much better options other than insurance (ULIP). My wife and me both have made these mistake and we are regretting, as we were not much aware of other options at that time.

    If aim is pure insurance then go for Term Insurance which can’t be for 5 years at your age.

  3. manickkam says:

    Hi Sathish,

    The insurance needs has to be identified through your current income, lifestyle, age and other factors. Its certainly not through your premium per year.

    Hands down, Term insurance is the best insurance. you can get it for 5 years term as well. The premium will be dependant on your sum insured. The remaining amount can be invested in PPF or other areas to get better returns.


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