Lock-in-period after switch

POSTED BY premji b ON March 6, 2013 11:04 am ONE COMMENT

Kindly clarify on the following issue in the matter of Mutual Funds investments:
  1. In case of investments under schemes eligible u/s. 80 C of the I T Act, there is a lock in period of three years for redemption.
  2. After two years of the purchase I switched from divident pay out to growth plan.
  3. At the time of switch, I did not take any benefit u/s 80 C of I T Act since I had already taken it at the time of purchase.
  4. Now the MF has taken a stand that the lock-in-period of three years will start from the date of switch.

Accordingly they disallowed my redemption request.

Querry is:

  • If the three years lock-in-period will shift to the date of switch from the date of purchase, even though no repeat benefit u/s 80 C of the I T Act is availed at the time of switch?
6 mar 2013

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  1. Dear Premji, you merely switched your money from div. option to growth option but in growth option, it’s a fresh investment. So your lockin period counting from the date of investment in growth option.



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