Loans issues Please please please help me

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Hi I explained my issue here….could you please help me?



I got a personal Loan from Fullerton India by July 2010 and it got deducted from my bank account till march 2011. My company 


changed my salry account to HDFC Bank. The old account will be active for only three months. I paid the amount through cash 


to Fullerton without fail. After 3 months they told me your ECS payments is bouncing in your old account and you have to pay 


fine. I shouted at them and paid the fine for 4 moonths. They told to cancel the ECS payment in the old bank account and 


transfer to HDFC or you can pay the amount by cash before 5th of every month.  I told them that I will pay by 4th of every 


month and I did without fail till now without cash.


My questions are as follows


1. FOr the three months which are bounced in my account whether the CIBIL score will be less


2. They haven’t told anything about this and they only get the payments from me. what can I do?



Second Scenario:



By Jan 2012 HDFC bank DSA contacted me and told me that we are offering PL and to give me the proof. I am not in need of 


money and they forced me that it is an offer for corporates and you can avail. I gave the documents and no one contacted. 


within 2 months another DSA contacted and they told me that they will arrange and I gave the documents. Then they told that I 


has to get a letter from HR and I told that they will not give me and left it. On Nov 2012, another DSA contacted and told 


that they will arrange and got all the documents. I told them that my post paid is not with the current address and I need to 


change it. THey told that they has to submit the file within three days and they will take care. They also dint reply. When I 


applied for home loan along with my brother. They told me that I have changed the address in Post paid bill and submitted the 


documents on November 2012. I dint do that and I have all the proof for my home. They told that my name was black listed 


inside HDFC. I was shocked. My questions are as below:


1. Whether my name will be entered in CIBIL as that I changed the bill? I contacted my branch and they sent an email that 


they will not enter this in CIBIL and the records will be kept internally? Is that true?


2. I applied for home loan with my brother in India bulls and they are telling me that  it has been entered in CIBIL


3. I contacted the DSA number and it is switched off and no one exist? TO whom do I complain.


4. Also I heard that I wont get any job if it is listed in CIBIL? Is that true?


5. ALso I planned for a home loan after two years and How it will affect me?


6. What are the ways to get everything in a perfect manner?


I promise that I dint do any malpractice and I only got Loan from Fullertron and It is going to over by this april and paying 


all the dues perfectly. I am having proof for all the bills


Please Please Please Please anyone help me…….

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  1. Dear Karthik, please wait for CIBIL clarification on the dispute filed by you. Regarding the CC you applied, your application has been disapproved. Although it’s not indicated but it seems your cibil report has played a part in it.

    Please do not apply for any new non secured CC for next 1Y.

    That last line in your CC disappproval letter means that it’s not going to impact your credit ratings but too many applications by you in few months ‘ll impact for sure.

    In case you want to have a CC, please use a CC against FD.



  2. bemoneyaware says:

    Why don’t you get your CIBIL score and get information on whether it is reflected or not.
    Our article Understanding CIBIL report discusses how to get the report and what it means!

  3. Dear Karthick, please check below link.

    In the above link please check To contact us online click here.



    1. Karthick says:

      I failed a dispute and waiting for reply from them… Also I have applied a credit card before three months before and they replied me with this information…Can you explain this to me,,,,


  4. Dear Kartik, please lodge a dispute with CIBIL for removal of that fraud thing. To avail CC against a FD, please open a FD in a bank & then avail a 90% value of FD in your CC.



    1. Karthick says:

      Can you tell me how to file a dispute in CIBIL……Can I avail the FD credit card in icici bank

  5. Dear Karthick, you applied multiple times for PL (which was not needed by you but some how you applied again & again, for what reason, only you can answer). This continuous application & rejection of the same by HDFC has created a bad entry for you that you are credit hungry. Interestingly your prev. mistake of rectifying the fullerton issue is already lying there.

    So in a sense – it’s 2+2 = 4, Your prev. problem + current HDFC PL issues has paint your report in highly negative zone.

    What’s the way ahead. Sit peacefully. Ask, Fullerton to clear your name from those bounced ECS as you have already paid the penalty for it. do not forget to check the same by yourself in your CIBIL report.

    Please do not apply for next 2Y either for a credit card or PL or home loan or car loan. Within next 2Y, try to improve your credit score. To improve the same, please avail a credit card against FD & use it sparingly to improve your credit score.



    1. Karthick says:

      Thank you very much for your reply. One thing is as I have mentioned earlier that I didn’t change the address in the post paid bill and the DSA have done that and my name was listed in HDFC bank black list. I have contacted them and they told that my name was not reported to CIBIL.. But one of my freind in finance sector informed me that they have marked it in the CIBIL. I want it to be removed….What can I do? They also told me that I cant get any loans here after and my name is black listed as a fraud…what can I do?

      Also How to avail a credit card against FD…

      I am suffering now for the mistakes I dint do…

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