Loan prepayments

POSTED BY Javed Khan ON October 5, 2012 3:04 pm ONE COMMENT


I have taken a housing loan of 25.3 lakhs at 10.5% from HDFC bank.I ahve around 4 lakh spare money and want to utilise it properly

1) would it be worthwhile to prepay 4 lakhs and continue to pay the same EMI which would reduce the tenure or prepay and get a new EMI which would certainly be less than what I ma paying now, though I ma ok with paying the EMI I am paying right now.

2) Or should I put this money in a corporate fixed deposit which would earn more interest than 10.5% and not prepay the loan.




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  1. If you are planning to put it in Corporate fixed deposit and nothing else, then better prepay the home loan itself ! .. and keep the EMI same !

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