Loan Application rejected by 3 banks because of CIBIL write off issue

POSTED BY shaik ashif ON September 5, 2014 4:17 pm NO COMMENTS

Dear Manish, I have taken Two Wheeler Loan with BAJAJ Fin . I realized about  CIBIL when my recent applications were rejected from 3 banks.Looking into MY CIBIL report it was found that There is one Write off against Two Wheeler Loan with Due of 1918 rs .i have contacted with their customer care and Paid Full amount  but not settlement . i have received NOC also. Now i again contacted them to change my status. They said that status will be changed to Post Write off Settled .

How could it be Post write off when i have actually paid whole amount including interest , late penalty & cheque bouncing charges , which was about Rs. 20717 against 1918 rs .?Please help me to resolve this .  I feel so bad even after paying amount 10 times to original amount my status will still negative that so?   …

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