Can anyone make a living out of Stock trading ?

POSTED BY Hareendra Reddy ON February 6, 2015 12:34 pm COMMENTS (2)

Hi Guys,

I think this is a right forum to ask this. Do you guys think a person can make a living just by trading stocks (Nothing apart from it).

Let us make some assumptions

1) He has some good capital to start with.

2) Intelligent ; Good with maths and stats

3) Tech savvy

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  1. Bhushan says:

    Can anyone make a living out of Stock trading ? Yes, brokers make money when people trade. Note that manish has mentioned that people can make Rs 0 or Rs 1 lac etc. But it is also possible that people lose Rs 1 lakh as easily. In fact, if you take the sum total profit of all traders, it is zero (minus brokerage/commissions). I suggest you to ignore trading as an option for long term income.

  2. Very good question

    I think in general its tough for an average person to make living out of stock trading. A very small percentage can do it, but only after they have a good backup in terms of wealth for those days when they dont make money .

    Note that stock trading can provide a very volatile income like Rs 0 in a month, then Rs 1 lac a month , then Rs 20,000 a month and so on .. It also depends on your strategy how you are playing the stocks.

    I suggest one to not rely on stock trading income. The basic income should come from a reliable source.

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