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i tried to track the price movement of recently issued and listed SBI  Series 4 Lower TierII Bonds Retail on both, bse and nse sites. on nse site , i could not track any thing. on bse site, for debt segment , market today shows four segments: indian corporate debt market, wholesale debt market , F group and retail debt market. in ‘retail debt market’ segment, ‘no trades ‘ was mentioned. ‘wholesale debt market’ though showing price movement, it is not for retail investor like me. whereas the SCRIP CODE for  SBI  Series 4 Lower TierII Bonds Retatail INE62A8058 was seen on both segments named ‘F group ‘ and ‘indian corporate debt market’ segments.

can you please clarify :what are these segments? why sbi bond is not shown in  ‘retail debt market’ ? what is F group? whether there is retail debt trading at nse or not?

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  1. bharat shah says:

    thank you very much for the link!

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