List of original documents held by bank (Takeover of home loan)

POSTED BY roshan ON March 2, 2014 5:52 pm COMMENTS (12)

I am in the process of shifting my home loan to SBI. SBI is insisting that my original bank gives a letter containing list of original documents held by them. Original bank is saying that letter of sanction would suffice which SBI says is not good enough

Is anyone aware how to escalate the issue? Whom should i contact/complain to if the original bank is not issuing  list of original documents held by them?


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  1. Pandu says:

    Hi, we recently moved our home loan from one bank to another. The new bank processed the disbursement and we completed all loan closure formalities, obtained the original documents, etc. But surprisingly this new bank has never approached us so far to obtain the original documents. It’s been 3-4 months since the EMIs to this new bank has started. We are required to travel abroad for a year and we are worried that they may trouble us after we go there later. Should we submit the documents on our own will or should we wait for the bank to ask?

    1. Nandish Desai says:

      You should submit your documents.

      1. Pandu says:

        Thanks a lot for the response Nandish. This is helpful.

  2. Niraj says:

    Hi All,
    Good to see this forum !

    My existing bank is saying it will take them 2-3 days to get the List Of Documents. But they asked me first to pay around Rs. 600/- and then only LOD can be issued. Just for getting the list of documents held by the bank, is this payment justifiable ?

    Thanks in advance for your view on this!


    1. I dont think so .. why are they charging this . Ask them for proper explaination , else you will complain in RBI

  3. Mahesh says:

    My bank LIC housing is not issuing me the list of documents. It has been more than 1 and half month. Bank is telling that they are not able to locate my original documents. I am worried for the lost of documents. Unfortunately, I have not taken any list of documents from bank earlier. Whome should I appraoch to solve the problem.

    Thanks for your advice in adavance

    1. I think you should complain to RBI and banking ombudsman on this

  4. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Roshan, yes this is called LOD – list of documents in banking language.



  5. roshan says:

    Hello Raja,
    I have got a letter in bank letterhead containing list of original documents held by them. The letter has bank seal and signature by manager . This is meant by attested by bank right?


  6. Raja says:

    list of original documents should suffice. Bank should provide you with list of documents which is duly attested by the bank. The other bank will not accept a photo copy or unattested document.

  7. roshan says:

    Hello Ashal,
    It does appear that my existing bank is no co-operating with me. Today i went to my bank and asked him to give a letter informing me that he will not issue a LOD. I told him that i would go the regional branch headquarters and ask them to give the LOD instead. This seems to have the desired effect. However now he has given only list of ‘original’ documents held by him . He told me that if SBI insists he will provide list of all photocopy documents held by him (eg: legal documents pertaining to land bought by builder to build the apartment) . I will now have to wait to see if list of original documents would suffice for SBI

  8. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Roshan, SBI is rightly demanding LOD list of documents. In my opinion, your existing bank is not co-operating with you intentionally. The LOD clearly indicates what type of documents are there with the bank and on the basis of this LOD any new bank ‘ll decide that the documents are enough or the borrower needs to provide any more documents. So pull your existing bank for LOD.



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