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Dear All

I like to thank Manish for providing JI platform to ask my query , thanks to Ashal who guided me always and Pattabiraman for providing different fund calculators. Here my question:

1) I want to invest in liquid fund ( for 3 to 5 yrs ) 

i done some calculation with help of Pattabiraman Step By Step Guide To Choosing Mutual Fund and i came with 5 funds : they are :


script name risk grade return grade ex ratio s.d Sharp ratio beta alpha r aquare
Quantum  ABOVE AVG AVG 0.36 0.16 11.94 0.04 1.88 0.03
BNP Paribas Overnight-G AVG ABOVE AVG 0.44 0.13 18.78 0.04 2.37 0.05
Baroda Pioneer Liquid -G AVG ABOVE AVG NIL 0.12 20.34 0.04 2.38 0.04
Tata Money Market Plan A- G below avg high 0.26 0.11 22.86 0 2.46 0
Union KBC Liquid-G AVG ABOVE AVG 0.16 0.12 19.83 0.04 2.38 0.04


I had found that Tata Money Market Plan A- G And Union KBC Liquid-G are top 2 out 5 fund doing good.

1) Which one is good out of 2 or any suggestion to invest apart from above mentioned Funds

2) I Read manish article stating that the tax rate for liquid and money market funds is 28.32%.  Im confused about this statement. for Eg if invest 500rs through SIP every month for a period of 5 yrs then how much tax deducted from after i with draw ?? 

3) I even read stating that In case you do plan to hold the investment in liquid fund for over a year; opt for the growth option to benefit from the indexation benefits. what is indexation benefits ?

Thanks and Best Regards

Jeetu Ojha


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  1. Jeetu Ojha says:

    Dear Ashal and Pattabiraman

    Thanks for the valuable reply .. 🙂

    Thanks & Best Regards
    Jeetu Ojha

  2. Dear Jeetu, Please read my reply in addition to what dear Pattu has already told you. Instead of checking so many funds, you should invest in the liquid fund of your existing Eq. fund.



  3. Jeetu Ojha says:

    Hi Pattabiraman

    1) If i go for RD or FD they have locking period and if i need money ( eg for 2 yrs ) i cant break RD or FD( if i do 1% penalty)

    In that case i have done calculation that HDFC Short Term Opportunities ( as u mentioned earlier ) is performing good in terms of Returns , Maturity , Rating AAA & Expense ratio .30.

    If i go for Short Term Opportunities fund i have 2 option 1) i can carry for 5 yrs 2) if i need money i can withdraw money ( closing my fund ) ( Exit Load 0.5% for redemption between 1 – 90 days)

    So can i go for Short Term Opportunities fund?

    Thanks & Best Regards
    Jeetu Ojha

    1. You can do what Ashal says or open RDs for 1 year. After one year start a new RD and invest the old RD proceeds in a FD for 1 yr or 6 months or use it as per requirement.

  4. Jeetu Ojha says:

    Hi Pattabiraman Ji

    Thank you Pattabiraman Ji 🙂 I got it 🙂

    Thanks & Best Regards
    Jeetu Ojha

  5. Jeetu Ojha says:

    Thanks Pattabiraman for Prompt reply and i’m in 10% Tax slab..

    1) If i invest like wise i said invest 500rs through SIP every month for a period of 5 yrs then how much return i can get ? i used your debt fund vs FD calculator ( Its Comparison between a lumpsum investment in a Fixed deposit & a debt mutual fund its proven that 10%
    Tax Slab F.D returns are good compare too Debt mutual Fund.

    2) But in my case i want to invest in SIP ? can i opt short term Fund? ( I’m in 10% Tax Slab)

    3) I Checked Average Maturity for above mentioned 5 funds ( which i was posted ) and their ratio ranging from 0.06 yrs to .16 yrs which are much lesser then compare to Short term Fund.

    4) I will check out 5 short term funds & income funds and get back to you. 🙂

    Thanks & Best Regards
    Jeetu Ojha

    1. 1) If you want to invest via SIP use a RD. Guaranteed returns with zero risk offers peace of mind. For someone in10% this is better than debt funds

      2) learning about debt funds is a good idea in general. Different debt funds have different maturity periods. There are two ways to invest:

      a) match your investment duration with maturity period (income funds for a duration like you mentioned)

      b) choose a fund with much lower maturity duration than investment duration (1 yr duration for a 5 year goal). This keeps risk low. Returns will also be low but I don’t care simply because:

      for goals less than 5 yrs I dont care about power of compounding. Decent returns with minimum tax out go is crucial

      For someone like you in 10% slab, best is RD and FD.

      Invest your time in learning about handling your long term goals. that is more important.

  6. Jeetu, Thank you. What I write is primarily for equity funds. Additional selection factors are necessary for debt fund selection.

    3) indexation benefits refer to the way in which debt funds are taxed either at a flat rate of 10% or 20% taking into account the cost inflation index

    See my debt fund vs FD calculator. I will post a lump sum comparator next week. That will give a better picture on taxation

    2) 28% refers to net dividend distribution tax and not for growth option

    1) for a 3-5 year option a liquid fund is not a bad idea. Risk-wise is it near zero.
    Since the duration is on the higher side you can opt for a fund which has higher maturity period. A short term fund will do
    You need to look at the maturity period and quality of holdings in addition to what I wrote.

    For example see
    HDFC Short Term Opportunities

    As on 31/03/13 Average Maturity 1.48 yrs.
    Nearly 60% of holdings in instruments with AAA credit.
    Not saying you should invest here but to check these as well for your funds.

    Debt income funds with a maturity of about 2 years should also work.

    Another category to consider is dynamic bond fund. This is similar to a multicap equity fund which has all kinds of debt components with different maturities.

    Dont confuse yourself too much. Suggest you go with short term or income funds,
    For such short durations no need to break our head over returns,
    Anything between 7-9% should do,

    HOWEVER if you are in the 10% slab A RD OR FD WILL DO wrt tax!

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