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POSTED BY ronak shah ON February 20, 2013 12:11 pm COMMENTS (6)

I have filled form, but there are some mistakes so my agent discarded that form and filled new form. They just take my signature and filled himself. In one of your answer I read that we should disclose all older policy. when I filled at that time I have filled all the detail but for new form I don’t know my agent fill those detail or not? So is there any way to lookup my submitted form. So that I can blindly pay premium without tension. He is my uncle so I can not ask questions to him. I have always tension that Is all details are correct. As I disclose everything.

So please tell me if any option to review my submitted form for LIC jeewan amulya?

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  1. Dear Ronak, you should demand the copy of your application from the policy issuing branch.



  2. Dear Ronak, what’s is important to you, peace of your family & financial well being in your absence or a so called healthy relationship with your uncle. Decide on your own.

    You can demand the copy of application form from LIC.



    1. ronak shah says:

      Thank you for your kind reply sir, but should I go through my uncle (agent) or I can demand application form directly from my home town branch?
      Sir I have filled all the correct information but now I just want to confirm it as I have doubt?

  3. No you do not. LIC does not give a copy of the filled form when they issued the policy. Just wait until the policy is issued. Then write a letter to the issuing branch, quoting policy no and state that the details that were missed out. Give it to them branch personally and get an ack letter.

    The branch employee will in all probability inform your uncle. So if you want, do this with his knowledge. Agents will usually say, nothing will happen if you don’t disclose previous policy information. Ignore this.

    Its your life. If your uncle gets angry .. let him, If he is truly concerned with your welfare he will not.

    1. ronak shah says:

      I know I had made mistake that i should not sign on blank form with just trust.
      My uncle gave me xerox of previous form and in that all the details I filled. so I do not know if all the details is filled or not. so how can i confirm?

      1. You cannot confirm this from LIC. You have to ask your uncle or inform the LIC office to update details you think are missed out as I have mentioned above.

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