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  1. Dear mackar, I personally own Aviva online term cover which is not even under your consideration. Customer care was very supportive all through the purchasing process. Regarding HDFC, there are both positive & negative feedback available in the forum itself.

    SBI E-shield is itself a new kid on the block, hence no prior experience.



  2. mackar k says:

    Dear Ashal,

    Yes, you are right there are companies having higher CSR but had come across the following article by Manish which mentions customer service being very disappointing for ICICI iCare and Aegon Religare iTerm Plan:

    To be on safer side was looking at SBI e-Shield.

    In case you have come across a very positive feedback on HDFC & recommend it over SBI e-shield , please do let me know

  3. Dear Mackar, there are companies having higher CSR & lower prem. than SBI, still you are sticking with SBI? Why are you paying higher prem. in SBI? HDFC Click2Protect is an option to you.



  4. mackar k says:

    Very simple because LIC has not yet come out with an online term policy.

    Dear Manish,

    Do let me know your views

  5. Dear Mackar, if Claim ratio is the sole point of selection, Why SBI & not LIC?



  6. mackar k says:

    Thanks for your response.

    I was enquiring for SBI e-Shield policy because of the post on the following link which shows the % claim ratio of various Term Policies which showed SBI Life among the top of the list.

    In case anybody has taken SBI e-Shield policy, request you to share your expereince

  7. Dear Macker, why SBI e-shiled only & not any other pvt. insurer? Please apply for an online cover from the insurer of your choice & declare your health condition. The insurer may or may not load up your prem.

    Regarding my personal views or references on E-shield, the product is just about 2-3 months old so no comments on it’s service standards, claim procedures, customer care support & other things.



  8. mackar k says:

    Dear Ashal,

    Please find below my query, tried multiple times but the text (mentioned below) is not getting updated on the thread. Hope you can see it now
    In 2008 when I was ~26 had opted for LIC Amulya Jeevan Policy for a cover of Rs 35 lacs & term of 35 years for an annual premium of Rs 15,960/-. Since I was then under medication for epilepsy which was duly disclosed in the application form & medical examiner report, I was classified under a higher risk class and thus my premium was higher though Non-Smoker & Non-Drinker.

    Presently, the specialist whom I have been consulting for around 10 years has advised to permanently stop medication since the last 3 months. Given, this development do you suggest I should explore taking an Online Term Policy from SBI Term e-shield as I may be eligible for a Rs 1 Crs cover for the same amount of premium which I am now paying ?

    If yes, please also share your feedback on e-shield (Any adverse/difficulty faced by other which has been brought to your notice) ?

  9. Dear Mackar, what’s the query?



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