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I am Investing amount 2000 / month and 3000 / month on LIC wealth plus.

Investment started at FEB 2010, which will due on FEB 2013.

Nav currently shows 10.0843, Is it advisable to wait upto 7 years to get funds on Highest NAV, or should quit after completion of 3 years.

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  1. Dear Krupsd, why did you put your hard earned money in this policy at all. Was it for insurance, which is near zero in this product or was it for investment again which is not a good one itself.



    1. Krups says:

      my plan was investment…I was really mis-guided by the LIC agent.

      he suggested, for 2k / 3 years period =1,20,000 /- assured after 7 years

      and for 3k / 3 years periods = 1, 80,000 /- assured after 7 years..I was too young to have a right decision.

      1. Dear Krups, the return rate for the given calculation is 9.5%. Is it possible to earn such a high return from these types of plans?

        The plain answer is No.

        You should make a call here.



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