LIC Retire n Enjoy – Need Help

POSTED BY arunnura ON October 4, 2014 9:36 am NO COMMENTS

I have made my first premium towards LIC Retire n Enjoy plan this April and my premium is very high – 1.8L and this includes Rs 11,000 extra as i am obese.

I did read the posts across various websites and noticed that, i have three options : 1. Stop and come out now, 2. Wait till 3 yrs and come out when each of the plan is done for three years, 3. Continue till maturity.
Following are my questions now,

1. If i want to come out immediately, i am at the risk of Losing 1.8L. Considering the low returns and the plan does not beat inflation, is it advisable for me to loose 1.8L and plan ahead?

2. If i wait till 3 years and surrender, i.e. 1.8*3 = 5.4 L, do i stand a chance of getting back more of my money?

3. If Making this plan paid up after paying for 3 years and keeping this money there till maturity is ok? Would it pay me better than option 1.

4. Worst case, if i choose to stay, am i really incurring a loss or it would be as if my money has been stashed away in a savings bank account + life cover?

5. Considering that i am diversifying my investments, can this one basket of endowment policies be one of my investment instrument? Please share your thoughts.

Please let me know in detail. I am terribly confused and anxious now. I trusted someone blindly and fell into this.

I want to make sure i research completely before i take a decision further.

Expecting your reply soon.

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