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POSTED BY Sadhana ON March 5, 2012 10:55 pm COMMENTS (5)

I searched on LIC Jeevan Vridhhi and could not find any post hence raising this. I have no endowment policies open as on date (closed all of them). I heard from some of my friends that this policy gives nice returns. Is it worth investing? I don’t know to calculate actual returns on such investments hence seeking help.

Thanks in advance.
– Sadhana

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  1. Rayan Fernandes says:


    You can read Review post of this Plan on below link

  2. shitanshu says:


    Endowment plan usually gives returns in range of 5-7%.

    Jeevan Vriddhi Gives returns of 6.77-6.93%.

    Review post of Plan you can find on :-

  3. Sadhana – The actual policy is LIC Jeevan Vriddhi (double d not double h) which is why you could not get the previous discussion http://localhost/jagoforum2/lic-jeevan-vriddhi/2900/

    Jeevan Vriddhi appears to be way ahead of the traditional junk plans that generally yield 4%-5% returns.

    Unlike general LIC’s plans this one warrants some attention/hard look at least. Having a Term Insurance and maximizing PPF are must even before thinking about adding this policy to one’s portfolio.

    Whether it makes the cut to enter one’s Debt portfolio is a combination of several factors including one’s current Asset allocation, liquidity situation, the premium chosen, age and tax bracket amongst other things.

    1. Sadhana says:

      Thanks justgrowmymoney. Your post was extremely informative and the analysis is well rounded. Thank You.

      1. Dear Sadhana, this policy is a close cousin of LIC’s old policy Jeevan Aastha. That too was a good one for HNIs & this one is going on the same route. For the people investing 20-5075K prem. as a single prem. in this policy, are better advised to keep their money elsewhere.



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