LIC Jeevan Saral ATM plan, jeevan aarogya free. Sounds too good to be true.

POSTED BY Prakhar Goel ON October 24, 2012 8:55 pm COMMENTS (9)


I got a call from LIC’s Jeevan Prakash office in Delhi regarding LIC’s jeevan saral atm plan with which they were offering jeevan aarogya free for the whole term. I asked for a personal visit as I was interested. Here is the policydetails:

1) Invest for 15 Years

2) Annual EMI- Rs 48,000

3) Guaranteed Maturity Value (after full 15yrs completion)- Rs 20,13,466 

4) Jeevan Arogya Health Insurance Plan free- Sum Insured Rs 4,00,000

5) Jeevan Arogya’s premium will be paid on my behalf annually for the whole 15 years or till the policy is alive.

It turns out that LIC is giving me a whopping 12.054% of assured returns. Plus a health insurance plan free whose annual premium is appox Rs 4000 for my age (I am 24 years old). This sounds too good to be true. Although I have enrolled for the plan, but I have given a PDC to the guy. I have recorded all the tele conversations we had so that I can use it as proof later on if need arises.

Should I proceed to buy this plan?? Please let me know any catches that I am missing here. 

Is it really assured returns? The LIC guy says that the this value will be written in the bond papers.

This person claims he is directly from LIC New Delhi, Jeevan Prakash branch and NOT an agent. They are also giving a jeevan aarogya policy with sum insured of Rs 4,00,000. His name is Mr Abdul Qadir, email –

Will be grateful if you can validate this plan.


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  1. Dear Prakhar, what was your action after this discussion? Please update us.



  2. Jig says:

    The very first catchy here is : Why the LIC direct person will use Gmail for email correspondence? Are they dont have lic domain…
    This thing remind me of many 404 scam.. where mostly scammer are using gmail or any other mail domain to offer good oil and gas jobs / lottery/ bank fund transfer etc etc.

    To clarify:

    Ask him to send the same details from his Lic Email address, and you will get your answer immediately.

    Beware of such fraud.


  3. Dharamesh says:

    Giving you direct link of Jeevan Saral plan details in lic’s official website for your ease


  4. Dharamesh says:

    Just go to lic official website & check the benefit illustration given by them. There is no fixed return associated with this policy. Return based on two different % expected.Also understand it illustrates two benefit. First is after maturity & second is if person dies during policy period. Do not get confused Death benefit wity maturity yield which few agents used to show as return. Official web site of LIC is Do check & take final decision wisely

  5. Deepak R khemani says:

    This is straight forward fraud visit the LIC Branch for confirmation,The email,id is also suspicious, STAY AWAY

  6. Prakhar Goel says:

    Thanks TheZionView for answer. Request you to look at the chart once and calculate the rate of return for Rs 4000 invested monthly for 15 full years. (Check the 16th year row) Maybe I am missing something here. This same chart is available at multiple websites like , so I assume that the chart is genuine.

    1. TheZionView says:


      Let us assume they are giving you 12%. Where are they going to earn it for you?
      Stock market? you cannot guarantee anything there
      bank CD? Show me one which gives 12% post tax
      real estate? they cant involve in there

      Then where?

    2. Ramesh says:

      Tell a lie multiple times and you will start believing it to be true.

      Try and find out the policy details from the official LIC site, and not from anywhere else.

      Also, they have calculated according to the chart @ 10% IRR, and then give you a 12% return. Amazing isn’t it. Clear cut fraud.
      But it is your money, so take a responsible decision.

  7. TheZionView says:

    As far as i know LIC is sold only through agents/bank way no one from direct.

    12% guranteed ? no they cannot give as per IRDA even explaining the product you should not consider more than 10% so 12% guarantee is rubbish

    A voice recording might not be sufficient. If you want apply and check the fine print and return back with free period

    But again If its TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE then IT ISN’T.

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