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POSTED BY samir tiwad ON October 12, 2011 8:20 pm COMMENTS (6)

Dear Sir,

Can you please advise me about Jeevan saral policy of LIC.

Agents are verbally assuring the gurantee of maturity amount 427168 rs for the yearly premium 24020 of 10 years tenure. The risk cover for natural death is 5 lacs and accidental death is 10 laks for the same.

But all commitement is verbally nothing is written. Should I trust ? I need your guidence.

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  1. Hello Sir
    I want to ask that i am a teenager of 20 yrs old my father has purchased the same policy jeeval saral and he is paying preum of 36000 per year and four premium are paid already Sir can u plz help me to find out its Surrender value after the all preimums paid of 4 years and Maturity summ assured is 1625000 and Sum assured is of 750000

  2. DP says:

    Dear Samir, some agents make false commitment for their own personal gains. Please don’t fall prey to such wrong commitments. As right guided by Mr. Jauhari, 10.25% of IRR is quite impossible in these scenarios.

    My suggestion would to get in touch with a good financial planner and invest accordingly considering your future goals in mind.



  3. samir tiwad says:

    Thanks Ashal, Ramesh for your advise. But then which is the best way to invest at this moment.

  4. Ramesh says:

    To summarise, dont buy it. It woefully falls short of any of the intended aims (of investment and insurance).

  5. ashal jauhari says:

    Dear Samir, Please try to understand that LIC Jeevan saral is not a gtd. return product hence any verbal assurance ‘ll only create problem to you in the future when you ‘ll notice that returns are not what these were promised.

    In 10Y time frame, investing 24020 Rs. yly &getting maturity amount 427168 translates into 10.25% interest rate. Do you thin it’s possible for LIC to peovide such high returns, where as it’s other plans are not providing more than 5-6% returns.



    1. BHAVANA says:

      What is max return one can expect from jival saral policy.
      i have paid 2 years premium of jeevan saral 1000/mth (term 10 years).
      should i continue it?
      if i discontinue it now and pay rs 1000/mth sip in HDFC PRUDENCE how much return should i expect after 8 years?
      ashal plz reply.

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