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POSTED BY ram radhe ON January 31, 2013 8:30 am COMMENTS (6)

“I’m 30 year old and planning to buy LIC policy which can give me 15 to 25 Lac after 10 or 15 years. I’m looking to pay my premiums in next 3 years only. I’m not looking to pay any premium after that. I’m ready to invest uptp 6-7 lac in next 3 years for it.

as of now I’m thinking abt Jeevan Pramush or Jeevan Vaibhav, please advice me on it or you can suggest me any other option.

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  1. Dear Ram Radhe, as you are out of India, you can not purchase online term plans. Even offline term plans ‘ll not be offered by many insurers. Better to purchase it from the country of your current residence if you are going to live there for at least next 8-10 years.

    I’m not predicting the future but due to Govt. policies, one day LIC MAY repeat what US64 has done in late nineties for it’s investors. It’s good to know that you are new & better thing is you are ready to learn. Please spend some of your valuable time here in the forum to read past discussions. there are already more than 6500 Questions asked till date. If you can read all of those, it’s best, even if you can cover just 10-20% of these questions, you ‘ll get a whole lot of knowledge for yourself. I’m not trying to spoonfeed you with a direct answer but asking your brain to work things for himself. Hope I’m doing right for you. 🙂



  2. ram radhe says:

    @ Ashal,

    frankly speaking I’m new to all of these and thought LIC is more secure as compared to other companies.

    FYI – I’m outside India, it’ll be very helpful if you suggest any term life plans which are more reliable and I can buy online.

  3. Dear Ram Radhe, why are you interested in LIC policies only? Any specific reasons? I’m not advising any product here. First I want to know your thought process.



  4. ram radhe says:

    Thanks for reply.

    Actually I was planning to invest for next three years as I can see confirmed investment options from my budget till year 2016.

    Also can you please suggest few useful links / options in mutual funds. Is it possible to buy online.

    appreciate your help.

    1. It is possible to buy mutual funds online. Check AMCs like Quantum, HDFC, UTI etc.

      To find out how to choose a mutual fund you could read this:

  5. Please stay away from these policies. If you can invest 17,000 per month (3 lakhs in 3 years) in a good balanced mutual fund which will give you 10% returns each year for only 3 years and stay invested for the next 7 years you will get 13 lakhs. If you stay invested for next 12 years you will get 21 lakhs.

    If you can invest each month for next 10/15 years you will earn much more.

    Get yourself pure term life insurance, at least 15 times your annual income and start investing.

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