LIC jeevan anand and jeevan saral – want to surrender/stop

POSTED BY cvish1989 ON January 17, 2014 12:24 am ONE COMMENT


I have Jevan aanad policy of yearly premium 22000 for 30 years and Jeevan saral policy of 18000 yearly premium for 35. i have paid 2 premiums so far and recently i found that these policies dont give good returns , rather gives very bad returns.

so i want to surrender that.. i have paid 40+40 = 80000 Rs so far.

so should i pay 3rd premium and wait till maturaity .. upon which i will get X ammound which will be negligible at that time … ?

or just leave 80000 paid and stop paying 3rd premium and quit it right now ?

or what is the best way to minimize the loss?

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  1. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Cvish, please do note only after paying 3rd prem. you are eligible for any surrender value. It ‘ll be 30% of 2nd and 3rd prem. Which translates into around 24000 Rs. by paying another 40000 Rs. My personal take, ask LIC to make these policies paid up. At the same time, please purchase adequate term cover for yourself. Invest the saved amount elsewhere.



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