LIC Jeevan anand

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LIC Jeevan anand

I am 24yr/M, had taken LIC Jeevan anand for 10 years premium amount is 91,354 per annum and have paid premium for 3 years and now I am thinking of surrendering it so, would like to know how much would i get or should i continue with the policy because i am thinking of investing into jeevan saral as it giving huge return…please advice

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  1. Atul says:

    Hi Sail,

    This is endowment policy and returns will be lower. Since its only 3 years I suggest to surrender.




    Dear Sahil,
    I think you should surrender the policy now because you only gave three installments.If you want the money within short span of time then you can invest either in bank fd or in debt mutual fund.For insurance you should take a term plan which is much cheaper than that of endowment policy.


  3. sail says:

    Dear sanjay,

    Firstly thanks for the prompt reply and secondly should I surrender now or should i wait for couple of years… I m little confuse….can u help me on it … actually my dad had taken this policy for me from my cousin who is an lic agent… I had no idea than or would not have let him made this kind of mistake



    Dear Sail,
    You are going to do the same mistake by taking jivan saral.Generally endowment plans like jivan saral give about 6% to 7% return.surrender jivan anand and invest the amount in a good equity mutual fund through sip.It will give you much more return than lic endowment plans

    with regards,

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