LIC agent is not not responding & Helping

POSTED BY Monu Sharma ON September 27, 2012 3:11 pm COMMENTS (7)

I have taken my LIC policy in 2011. But my LIC agent is creating problem with me, he is not helping me to collect my premiums on time, help in changine my mode from yearly to semi/half yearly & even though answering to my quarries. I most irritating part is that he is ignoring me and even he don’t picks my call when I have some quarries. My next premium date is on 28/9/2012 (i.e.tomorrow) & today is 27/9/2012. I am calling him last 15 days to remind him abt my premium..but he is ignoring me. My policy no. is-126066284 (jeevan saral, plan no. 165).

I am very confused..don’t know what to I request yo to please please help me…:(

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  1. rtprakash says:

    Some times due to REBATE , agents can`t get proper service. Its a bitter truth.

  2. sanjay says:

    IRDA has introduced Health policy portability.Trai has inroduced MNP for mobile user.Why not agent portability?Because most of the agents are like that.And they vanish after paying the first premium but enjoy his commision.

  3. Geet says:

    I liked Ashal’s suggestion 🙂

  4. Also there is no actionable offence done by agent, if he does not help you , you cant make a complain to that, you can just choose to either do things directly yourself or do nothing .

    When you make a permium payment an LIC agent makes a commission out of it , so professionaly he should help you , but if he does not, you dont have any choice . Better make the payment yourself by going to LIC office or online suggested by Roshan above .

    Also dont panic , as your will get 15 days of grace time to make premium payment .


    1. Monu Sharma says:

      Thanks Manish Chauhan and Roshan for your valuable reply. Certainly ur reply has bring a lots of relief & help to me. tanking you again.

      but still i would like to bring it into knowledge LIC so that while issuing commission agents LIC should take cake that the concern agent will help their valuable customers.

      does any body know how to send ma point to concern authority of LIC (may be email id or phone no.)

      coze while selling you agents say u different things..their behavior got totally changed once u got trapped..:(

      1. Dear Monu, you said the policy in question is Jeevan Saral. Why did you opt this policy? Can you elaborate on this count? If you really want to punich your agent for not supporting you, the bet way is to surrender your policy right now. The policy surrender in first year itself ‘ll make negative entries for the commission structure of your agent.



  5. Roshan says:

    Dear Monu,

    dont be panic. just login to & sign up & enrol ur policy. u can see premium paid statements. its simple. u can pay the premium amount online as well.

    before paying further premium i suggest u to read..

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