Legal Document for CASH Paid to Carpenter to show as part of cost ?

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I’ve recently purchased a flat and want to do interiors through a carpenter. In the long run, when I want to sell the flat, I can show this amount as ‘the cost for improvement of flat’.  Since the carpenter doesn’t provide any real amount receipts and all money that would be given to him would be in CASH only, so is there any alternative way or a legal agreement  that I can make with him that will show the amount that I will pay him ?

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  1. manik.gsm says:

    thanks Ashal for the reply !

  2. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Manik, In case your Carpenter is having a bank account, release the amount to him through cheque. I assume your total outgo for interior work ‘ll be around 5-6L Rs. at least. In this case, arrange receipts for all the materiel purchased by you as well as ask your carpenter to provide Receipt in the form of signature on a white paper with revenue stamp that X amount he has received towards his labour as your work with date.



  3. manik.gsm says:

    Hi Anshuk – Discount is already negotiated. What type of reciepts from a carpenter is valid and legal to prove in future that payments made to him are genuine? Do I need to give something on a stamp paper or a simple white paper reciept is sufficient?

    Hi Ashal – for all obvious financial reasons, I am preferring a carpenter over an Interior designer where the difference is coming to me of 3-4L for the same amount of work.

  4. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Manik, why are you not using the services of professional interior designers?



  5. Anshuk Jain says:

    The carpenter is trying to not pay income tax form his end hence he is not giving any receipt.. Demand the same from him or get a good discount..

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