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Can anyone throw some light on books which can help a Non-Economics person to learn Fundamental Analysis (to the extent required)… and will be helping out in cornering stocks using FA.

Also, How can once get acquainted with Macro and Micro Economic conditions and understand them (apart from watching news channesl).. i mean, do we have any websites.. updating the news…

Also for stock screeners based on Fundamentals … many a sites are very late to react and include stocks on timely basis for any screener….  Can anyone suggest any site for Fundamental Screener which updates with recent happening on the company and the macro and micro economic conditions acting on that industry/sector.?

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  1. sunil says:

    Thanks Jagadees very much for your inputs…

    In general what parameters can be said as complete to study fundamentals of a company? and say that it is fundamentally strong and having high potential to go up…

  2. Jagadees says:

    I would recommend this one apart from the above five given by ramesh – The Five Rules For Successful Stock Investing: Morningstar’s Guide To Building Wealth And Winning In The Market – Pat Dorsey, Head of equity research from Morningstar – This book will provide basic framework for fundamental analysis of stock, reading financial statements and few pages on each sectors.
    You can visit this blog – http://www.shyamscolumn.com/ – he writes column ‘FISCALLY FIT’ in The Hindu- Sunday Magazine. Try to read from 1st article dated back to 2008. He proposes how to evaluate an company using the metric return on invested capital and also how to value them using enterprise value and compounding formula. I found the thought process to be interesting. (I guess the author adopted the framework from joel greenblatt’s little book that beats the market. though am not sure). There are few articles written in a month, so you can very well complete them from first post.
    I found moneysights.com to be very useful to screen using various metrics.


  3. sunil says:

    Thanks Ramesh Ji,

    but these books just introduce to you the usefulness of Fundamental Analysis and how effectively it is used to eye the future multibaggers…

    I would be thankful to you if you can show me a path to analyze the stocks based on their numbers in the Balancxe Sheets/P&L stmnts and Ratio analysis….

    Also, i am looking at such books which show you the exact path considering these numbers….
    Hope i am clear…

    Thanks in anticipation.

    I already own
    1. Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham

    1. Ramesh says:

      If one could tell the future by looking at Balance Sheets then Accountants and Mathematicians would have been the richest people in the world – Peter Lynch.

  4. Ramesh says:

    1. Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham
    2. One up the Wall street and beating the street by Peter Lynch
    3. Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits and other writings by Phil Fisher
    4. The only 3 questions that count by Ken Fisher
    5. Winning the loser’s game by Charles Ellis

    These books should get you on.

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