Late Filing of Income Tax for NRI ?

POSTED BY jimmyjose2980 ON January 2, 2015 11:51 am COMMENTS (4)


I am working in Qatar since March 2011, and have not been filing my IT Returns. Before coming to Qatar, we have been filing our IT returns.

What are the options available for me, and for my wife to file our IT returns?

  1. Can it be done online?
  2. If NO, can we file our IT returns at any Income Tax office across INDIA?
  3. Where can we get Form-16 from?
  4. What other documents would be needed?

Kindly suggest.


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  1. jimmyjose2980 says:

    Thanks Manish, for your kind advise!

    1. Sure it can happen !

  2. Jimmy ,you can file your returns from Qatar itself , but as you have not done it from many years , I really recommend you take professional help on this . You can get connected to our income tax partner and then take their services –


  3. jimmyjose2980 says:

    Can some one throw light on this matter please?


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