Kotak E-preferred or ICICI Iprotect?

POSTED BY Geet ON September 28, 2011 8:59 am COMMENTS (5)

Hello All,


I am still confussed between the 2 policies for term insurance. viz. Kotak E Term & ICICI I protect.


I am looking for 1.3Cr coverage for me- 27yr Married lady IT Professional.

A suggestion on thsi will be greatly appreciated.



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  1. DP says:

    Dear Geet, the riders are coming with hidden cappings. Would suggest if you go through the riders details through below mentioned link and be convinced before going with the product.


    This will give you much better insight on Kotak’s riders. Not so sure about ICICI, would suggest if ask for the riders details.

  2. Geet says:

    Besides, I also read about KOTAK Preferred plan ( not e preferred), it gives benifit of accidental cover,permanenet disability & critical illness.. will you suggest to go for that then??

  3. Geet says:

    Thanks for your response guys.
    I will then go with ICICI I protect as it gives me additional cover of 50lac 🙂
    Besides it gives me coverage ofr 30 yrs which is not the case with KOtak ( it is for 25 yrs max)

    Thanks once again DP & Abhishek.

  4. DP says:

    Hi Geet, I agree with Abhishek that you can get 50 Lacs of additional cover of Accidental Dealth with ICICI Pru.

    Would also like to share that Kotak E Term has a Step-Up option available (to increase your basic cover) at important stages of your life and details as of the same is as mentioned below:

    One can increase Sum Assured without having to undergo any further medical examination and increase in Sum Assured will depened on the basis of event (kindly go through the product brochure for more details.

    Moreover, along with cost also look into claim repudiation ratio of any company you are selecting.

    Thanks and Regards,


  5. Abhishek says:


    Go for ICICI Pru Iprotect. You also have an option of getting additional 50 lakhs for Accidental death.


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