kotak assured income plan

POSTED BY nandish Nandish.B ON March 4, 2013 10:31 am ONE COMMENT

According kotak assured insurece plan we have to pay 31,200 per year, after 20 years you pay me yearly 28,500 something ok, your plan is 30 years plan,

MY calculation i paid a amout of 9,36,000 for 30 years in that you pay me 560000 (approx) for 20 years ok. 

my maturity amout is 3,00,000 something, so you return my own money what i have paid to you in that what benefit i had nothing else, if i have any benefit or not about this plan explain? 

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  1. Dear Nandish, is it a question for us (the forum members) or for Team Kotak? Thanks that you were able to calculate on your own. Yes such policies are not worth of your money. Better to dump these plans.



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