KISS concept : 2 funds only

POSTED BY annu707in ON September 6, 2012 5:05 pm COMMENTS (4)

Taking a cue of KISS concept from experts Ashal ji and Ramesh ji, I am investing in just 2 funds namely:

  • HDFC Prudence – Hybrid equity oriented fund
  • DSPBR Equity – Multi Cap fund

Kindly review and confirm that these are ok funds to continue investing with so that I can continue investing in them ( or even increase sometime by playing lumpsum card 🙂 ) with even more enthusiam. Please feel free to suggest any amendments ( which seems to be the sole purpose of this post 😉 ). Thanks in advance for your time.



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  1. annu707in says:

    Many many thanks Ashal ji, Ramesh ji and TZV ji 🙂

    Glad to know that I’m on right track, obviously by your expert guidance.

    Cheers, Anurag

  2. Ramesh says:

    These are just as perfect as they can be.

  3. TheZionView says:


    More than you getting approval from experts here you should be applauded if you could continue this for long term.

    Remember even though its just 2 funds monitoring of performance of these every year is important

  4. Dear Anurag, the funds selected by you are ok if these meets your own requirement. If you are comfortable with these 2 funds, in my opinion, you may invest regularly as well as bump up in between.



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