Joint Home Loans to Brothers

POSTED BY Ramchandra Nathgosavi ON October 22, 2012 1:57 pm COMMENTS (3)


Me & My brother wants to buy a flat in mumbai sub-urban. Shall we get the joint home loan. I heard that very few banks are providing joint loan to brothers. Please give me the names of banks which are providing joint home loans to brothers.



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  1. Dear Ramchandra, please check with Axis bank & IDBI.



  2. Ramchandra Nathgosavi says:

    Thank you very much… for this answer & for writing the “Jago Investor” book.. Really eye opener…

    Thanks Again!!

  3. the biggest reason for rejection to brothers might be the future issues which can crop up between brothers which is much much lower between spouses.

    So All you can do is enquire in various banks . I am not sure if there is a ready made list .


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