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POSTED BY Sudhindra Hebbar K ON April 1, 2012 3:37 pm COMMENTS (9)

Can i purchase jeevan surabhi for 25 years? Is this ok plan? Please guide me.I do have MF and PPF.

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  1. Sudhindra Hebbar K says:

    Because i need to take for sake of relative 🙂

    1. Dear Sudhindra, You have to make a call – accepting the pressure of relative & ruining your financial life or rejecting the pressure & building your financial life.



      1. Sudhindra Hebbar K says:

        ashal what u r telling is absolutely right. But still i need to take one policy i know i will get less return. But i dont have no other choice. SO i request u to recommend any money back policy.

    2. Dear Sudhindra, you may opt limited payment whole life plan Table 5.



      1. Sudhindra Hebbar K says:

        Thanks ashal i will look in to table 2 and table 5 and decide which to go for. Why not any Money back? Thanks once again.

  2. Dear Sudhidra, from your parallel query on MF + Jeevan Anand policy, May I ask why you are interested only in investment oriented life insurance policies, be it Jeevan Anand or Jeevan Surabhi? Please clarify?



  3. Mixing Investment and Insurance is akin to Drinking and driving. They just don’t mix.

    Stay away from Jeevan Surabhi.

    Get a Term Insurance for LIfe covergae
    Invest in PPF for growing wealth stealthily
    INvest in Mutual Funds to grow wealth big time
    Be considerate on Asset allocation from time to time

    You will be on your way to a wealthy financial life.

  4. V AJAY MENON says:


    If you are planning to take insurance cover for covering up your Risk we would advise you to look into some TERM INSURANCE policies.

    While if it is about investment, then you should consider your self in equities for wealth creation and debt for for wealth protection. Again this would depend upon your objective, its nature, time frame to achieve this objective and of course your risk appetite.

    As far a Jeevan Surabhi is considered, we would give a NO! call to it, for that matter any insurance policies in the industry apart from TERM POLICIES are strict NO!. Because may it be ULIP, Money Back or endowment policies there working are always opaque, you do not have control, and if you are stuck up with a policy you have to continue the policies for minimum 5 yrs(recent change in clause).

    We would request you to consider the following:
    If you are buying to cover up your Risk – consider TERM INSURANCE
    If you are buying it for objective with a time line of 5 yrs+ consider – EQUITY MUTUAL FUNDS eg: HDFC EQUITY, DSP BR EQUITY (Your risk alignment has to be analyzed)
    If you are buying it for Preservation of wealth consider – FD, RD or NCD’s


    1. Sudhindra Hebbar K says:

      Vijay do u have anything better option in LIC other than term plan?

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