JagoInvestor workshop in Mumbai on 10th March

POSTED BY Sunny Gandhi ON February 27, 2013 12:32 pm ONE COMMENT


I am aware Jago Investor is conducting a workshop in Mumbai on 10th March. I want to enroll for this session and need to know about some details. Has anyone already enrolled for this or planning to do so?

Please let me know about it.



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  1. Hi Sunny

    What are your questions about the program ? We have already shared a lot of things on it at these links


    Incase you have a particular point to discuss and ask , please shoot me an email and I will help you with it .

    I would say , this workshop is something which will help you connect with your real potential in your financial life , you will be clear about your financial life and what it has to offer you and how big you can play ! . Its all about giving you enough wisdom so that you can pave you next 5-10-20 yrs of financial life . See the videos and testimonials past participants have shared about the program .

    I can guarantee you , you will have an awesome day and would love the overall session.


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