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Dear Manish,


From few weeks i have observed that JI is not working correctly with internet explorer…. the page  never loads completely and it gives infinite space betwen articles,….

I hope this is a general problem and not a problem in my office.

Due to this i am missing JI at office….


Any rectifications??? or we have to continue with Mozilla…?


Thanks for your response,



  1. Guys .

    I know we can improve . I am using a wordpress theme , which has some bugs and the company from where I bought it , is coming fixing and coming up with better upgraded version . Now sure how to come out of this 🙂

  2. sunil says:

    Manish this happens at my office… and may be because of the proxies, however, i never got this problem before in office also…

    anyways i have a lappy at my home with mozilla and chrome installed .. so problem solved.

  3. Gaurav Doshi says:

    Too an extent I will agree with Sunil’s comment.

    I will say it is compitable but on the FORUM section I have faced issues like:

    1. Whenever I tried posting a question it went as a blank message (only the Title of the message got displayed). Then my actual question I had to repost as an answer to the title.
    2. Also when I am typing the details of the question in the body and by chance if my cursor moves away from the body section (may be back to the title text) – then in that case getting the cursor back to the body is not easily possible. Also cursor with mouse does not navigate properly in the body section where we type details of the question.

    In a nutsheel my primary challege couple of times has benn to post a question – I wish it was more userfriendly + it was a bit faster and easier 🙂


  4. HI Sunil

    I am not sure why you are facing that , I just checked the main site and the forum on my IE brower (latest version) , but they are working totally fine and loads normally . I suspect that your IE version is an old one . Anyways IE does not handle lots of websites in the way chrome or Mozilla does 🙂


  5. Dear Sunil, try Chrome also. I’m using Chrome for past so many years & not faced problem for most sites except http://www.incometaxindia.gov.in while searching there for Income Tax Law & rules. 🙂



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