ITR for interest gained on FD

POSTED BY Manoj K ON July 26, 2012 11:38 am COMMENTS (2)

Hello, I have multiple online short term FD’s opened in a single bank. All FD’s are opened this FY i.e. after 1-April-2012. Tax was deducted on interest for recent maturities. My question is, as I need to show all these Interest as income in next year’s ITR i.e AY2013-14. Do I get any certificate or statement from bank showing the interest paid during FY? If yes, when should i ideally request that certificate?

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  1. BanyanFA says:

    You can ask the bank and they can give you an annual statement of interest provided to you and its associated TDS. You can then verify the TDS in form 26AS.

    If you have online banking, you would have an option of year end interest statement.

    All these interest payouts would then need to be shown in the Tax return for next year.


  2. Yes you will have to pay tax on that interest part (TDS is cut already, but still that might be more or less than the actual tax)

    You get all that information at your form 26AS , just wrote it somedays back –


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