IT Returns for Salaried employee with less than 5 Lakhs income

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Hi Friends

My brother is doing his first job and salary is well below 5 Lakhs. He paid around 1350/- tax for the FY 2012-13. I read online that IT returns is not mandatory for people with less than 5 Lakhs income, but is it okay if he my brother still chooses to the file the IT Returns? 

Thanks in advance


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  1. MD RAZI HAIDER says:

    Dear All
    I am a salaried person and till yet I have not filled my ITR-1 online or offline.
    When is the last date for online & offline for F.Y.2012-2013 for filling Income tax return.
    Kindly help me. I am yet to receive my Form-16 from my present Employer.
    Suddenly I remembered that 30-06-13 may be the last date for online ITR.
    Give me full guideline and the process of filling income tax return online after receiving Form-16 from my employer.
    Razi Haider

  2. Dear Sampath, no the info with you is not right. The person having income below taxable limits are not liable to file Tax return. In case of your brother, as he is in taxable range & paid his due taxes, it’s a must. to file offline or online ‘ll be his choice as of now.



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